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RAC direct sales TEAM


Commission Only - Uncapped Realistic Earnings of £40,000

With the RAC, you’re not just selling breakdown cover.
You’re selling the peace of mind and reassurance that enables people to feel safe and secure on every car journey.

You’re selling the confidence of knowing an expert team is supporting every trip and the comfort of a long-lasting and well-respected reputation for quality products and service.

And that feels really good.

Something else that feels good is the fact that as a member of their self-employed direct sales team, you’ll be able to set your own targets and work your own hours.

Setting-up stall in pre-booked, high-footfall venues, typically supermarkets, you’ll focus on making a connection with potential customers and communicating the genuine benefit RAC membership will make to their lives. And if you’d like to source extra venues yourself, feel free. After all, the more you sell. The more you earn.

You’ll need to be calm, composed and able to cope with the bad days as well as the good.

You're able to handle pressure and stress, are naturally friendly and approachable, and get along easily with people.

RAC will give you full training and all the marketing support you need.
But ultimately, it will be down to you to win hearts, minds and sales, while wearing the RAC uniform with pride.

A sales career like this offers a sense of purpose and reward that goes beyond the financial.


Previous sales experience isn’t always necessary. They are more interested in your attitude, work ethic and ambition. So, if you’d enjoy a feel good future in sales – we’d love to hear from you. 







Are you happy to work Self Employed commission only?​

Are you a driver with your own vehicle?

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